2B Global delivers the best integrated solutions globally.
We lead the market with our local presence at strategic locations.
This local presence and regional expertise allows us to respond to clients’ needs promptly and effectively.

The Know-How

2B Global has the necessary contracting know-how to deliver complete project management services.


We “integrate” the right experts into your projects and they work seamlessly throughout the project life

Turn-Key Solutions

Fully integrated EPC contracting solutions including construction, electromechanics, automation, architecture, plus end-to-end systems integration service including specialist solutions for broadcast and business ICT


Media and broadcasting are at the forefront of digital technology. The need to stay at the cutting edge is matched only by the intensity of competition in this increasingly globalized and crowded arena. We have the expertise and the partnerships to give you the functionality you need to stay ahead while keeping your costs to a minimum.


Established sports organizations and arena developers demand highly sophisticated know-how and hands-on experience. Today, in smart venues like Olympic complexes and stadiums, cutting edge technologies are applied to all areas of the creative process to consolidate smoother event management. We ensure all these solutions are connected to each other with the most innovative technologies available today.


Due to an increased demand in high-end technology data storage, the market has encouraged companies to conduct research in order to discover new solutions that will make the users life easier. A data center is not only a pure IT structure but also a well-designed complete eco-system consisting of environmental controls such as air conditioning, fire suppression, monitoring technologies and various security devices. We aim to make your data business grow with improved energy efficiency, operational cost reduction, simplified management, scalability, flexibility and interoperability.